Material Research


1 Person consumes ‘30’ Trees in his/her’s entire life. Paper is also one of the biggest cause of cutting trees. So I started trying to recycle wasted paper for a material research.


Wood pulp based paper acts as a “glue”Newspaper and Cardboard are good filling material. Wax waste from factory, leather waste from Fashion industry, Wrapping paper from the packaging and some expired newspaper. Grind these waste and mix it with perp and water, dry it and sand it for the last process.

Suggestion :
In Korea, there is mandatory Military service for all men. Therefore they all have those identification tags in case of death during the war. They have two of them, so if the owner dies, one of those is taken and brought back to the base. But after discharge from the army, the tags were mostly disregarded or abandoned somewhere. So this product suggests to make the tag as a more special and meaningful reminiscence for those people who went to the army.