*Exhibited at Object Rotterdam

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Traditionally, oysters and seashells have long epitomized themes of birth and good fortune, notably featured in still-life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. Despite their popularity as primary subjects, oysters were not considered culinary luxuries at the time until the era of the Industrial Revolution, when they became increasingly scarce and ascended to status symbols of opulence. Moreover, pearls, born from oysters, embody ideals of purity and perfection, further enhancing their allure. Despite their significance, the shells of oysters have often been dismissed as mere waste, disregarding their inherent beauty. Yet, in a transformative gesture, the discarded oyster shells, through material reinterpretation, emerge within a new context as objects that serve as vessels for hidden treasures. The items placed inside these objects bear resemblance to pearls nestled within the protective embrace of their shells, allowing for contemplation on the symbolic and tangible representations of oysters.

Near Zeeland, the Netherlands, serene oysters lived peaceful lives together among the corals. Over time, their once-vibrant shells have aged gracefully, and one day when it was ready to receive their last dose of sunlight, they felt a gentle call from the ocean as the sun painted the sky. With her eyes closed, she calmly accepted the current. On the quiet shore, the spirits of the ostreas became one with the timeless rhythm of the sea.