Pine and Korea


*Exhibition at DDW ( De heuvel )
- graduation show ( Design Academy Eindhoven )

Part of Long Live the Pine

Once upon a time, in the mountainous regions of Korea, tall and majestic pine trees could be seen stretching up towards the sky. They stood strong and proud, their evergreen needles shimmering in the sun, and their pine cones scattered on the ground. These pine trees were more than just a beautiful sight to behold, they also played a significant role in the lives of the people of Korea. The pine trees were highly valued for their timber, which was used to construct homes, furniture, and tools. The resin from the trees was collected and used as a natural adhesive for pottery, and the needles were used in traditional herbal remedies to treat ailments. The pine trees also had cultural significance, as they were often featured in Korean poetry, paintings, and folklore. The pine tree was a symbol of longevity, strength, and resilience, and was often associated with Confucian virtues of wisdom, loyalty, and filial piety.